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SmartCard APIs

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SmartCard APIs call sequence – SCardEstablishContext, SCardConnect, SCardTransmit, etc

Some days ago, I was working on one very interesting case related to Smartcard behaviour on XenApp. While I can’t disclosed all the findings but still would like to share some of the learnings. It is very important to understand the behaviour of SmartCard APIs, how they work, etc. (check MSDN). MS has released documentations related to different protocols, one that interest me a lot (as I work on mainly Smart card, Authentication, etc issues) is related to ‘Remote Desktop Protocol: Smart Card Virtual Channel Extension’.

Ref: – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc242596(v=PROT.10).aspx

This example shows the messages sent to perform a simple querying of a card in the TS client machine. It assumes that a channel has already been set up on the between the TS client and the TS server. In addition, a PC/SC-compatible resource manager is running on the TS client and there exists a smart card reader with a smart card inserted. The following figure represents the program flow.

This representation of the protocol flow is simplified in that there is only one application sending data over this protocol. In an actual implementation there could be multiple outstanding calls at any time.

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